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Into the 3 Gates of the Dead Filmmaker Competition

Have you ever dreamed of a shot at becoming a film director in Hollywood?
Here’s your chance…

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Premier Digital Publishing, in conjunction with Gandolfo-Helin Literary Management, has teamed up to create the 3 Gates of the Dead Filmmaker Competition.

The 3 Gates of the Dead Filmmaker Competition is looking for aspiring directors across the US and Canada. There are two ways to enter, and there is NO CHARGE to entrants. Film submissions must be derived from the horror mystery novel: 3 Gates of the Dead by Jonathan Ryan. Participants can either:

Create a film adaptation trailer from the novel, or

Select and film a scene from the novel.

Entrants will receive a free 3 Gates of the Dead ebook. Film submission must be a minimum of 2 ½ minutes and a maximum of 6 minutes. Times are approximate.

Now is your opportunity to be seen by some of the industries finest!

Risk-taking producers like Michel Shane; Sam Alexander, Director of Development for one of TV’s greatest titans – The Wolper Organization; leading industry professional Wendy Kram; award-winning writer Serita Stevens and scream queen Jessica Cameron are among the judging panel who will vote on your work.

Competition Judges

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Michel Shane -- Producer of I, Robot and Catch Me if You Can

michel shane

Michel Shane has established himself as one of the motion picture industry’s premier independent producers with films grossing nearly one BILLION dollars in revenue. His film, I, ROBOT, starring Will Smith, released by 20th Century Fox, smashed box office records by grossing over $50 million in its opening weekend. I, ROBOT II, starring Will Smith, is in development at FOX with Shane/Romano attached.

Shane has worked with Steven Spielberg, Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Garner and others. He joined Dr. Modi, an Indian Billionaire, to help produce the film, BUDDHA, which is based on a script written by Academy Award Winner David Ward (“The Sting”). Michel executive produced 100 episodes of the acclaimed reality show “BAIT CAR” for Tru-TV. Shane is developing a television series with Lionsgate based on a book by New York Times best seller T. Jefferson Parker entitled LA OUTLAWS. Shane joined forces with Carl and Jesse Franklin to develop and produce the series.

Recently Michel sold STRONG ENOUGH TO DIE to Sony Pictures Television to develop as a network series. He is attached as Executive Producer.

Presently Michel Shane has three films and one television series scheduled for 2013-14 that will be shot in Asia, Europe and South Africa. The company has another 6 films in development and a number of television programs of different genres in the works.

Michel Shane produced Steven Spielberg’s much acclaimed CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Martin Sheen and Christopher Walken, from a book he acquired and developed. Other producing credits include Paramount Classic’s NORTH FORK, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival starring James Woods, Nick Nolte, Claire Forlani, Peter Coyote and Daryl Hannah, Which Roger Ebert called one of the “most important American films of the decade.” He also produced STEALING TIME starring Peter Facinelli and featuring Jennifer Garner in one of her first film roles.

Sam Alexander -- Director of Development for the Wolper Organization

Sam picSam Alexander is currently the Director of Development for The Wolper Organization on the Warner Bros. lot. Wolper has a 47 year history at Warner Bros. and Mark Wolper is the Executive Producer of projects as diverse as THE MISTS OF AVALON to the new hit TV series BATES MOTEL. Sam combines a 25 year background in Psychology and Organizational Engineering with nine years as a Television Development and Creative Executive. Sam has a successful track record of identifying, sourcing, and packaging scripted and non-scripted content as well as developing partnerships with writers, networks, executives and producers. Sam is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Wendy Kram -- Television and Movie Producer

W KramWendy Kram is a respected, active producer working with hundreds of writers through consultations as well as studio and network deals. She has developed and produced award-winning film and television projects with Oscar talent for Universal, Disney, Warner Brothers, HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, Showtime and Lifetime. Her credits include “Mad Money” with Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, and Katie Holmes, “Making Mr. Right” with Dean Cain for Lifetime, and the award-winning miniseries “Sally Hemings: An American Scandal” for CBS. She worked as a Creative Executive for companies that produced films such as “Father of the Bride” and “Jacknife” (with Robert DeNiro and Ed Harris).

Wendy is also the founder of L.A. FOR HIRE, a consulting company for international screenwriters, filmmakers and production companies seeking development expertise and Hollywood connections to sell their projects. Creative Screenwriting Magazine ranks Wendy as one of the Industry’s “Best Script Consultants. Known for her sharp insights about the market place, strong creative instincts, and extensive industry relationships, she provides insider tips and the right tools to help screenwriters advance their projects and careers. She is responsible for selling projects to Hollywood’s top production companies and securing high six-figure deals for her clients. Additionally, she guest lectures and conducts workshops and seminars at Harvard University, NYU Tisch School of Film & Television, The New York Film Academy, Inktip Writers Summit and The Great American Pitchfest. For more information about Wendy and L.A. FOR HIRE, Inc., please visit or contact Wendy at

Steve Ecclesine -- Producer and author of So You Wanna Be a Producer

Steve EWhereas a lot of people in Hollywood enjoy the title of ‘Producer’ on their resumes, Steve has earned it by producing over 700 TV shows and a dozen movies. His most recent production is Space Warriors (directed by Sean McNamara (Soul Surfer) starring Danny Glover, Josh Lucas, Mira Sorvino, Dermot Mulroney and Thomas Horn), a family film shot in Huntsville, Alabama released in theaters 2013 and on Hallmark in conjunction with Wal-Mart, P&G and Walden Media (Chronicles of Narnia). Earlier this year he produced Scruples, a one hour TV pilot for WB and ABC TV.

Steve’s first job in Hollywood was as an assistant film editor for Roger & Gene Corman, followed by three years as Orson Welles‘ film editor. From 1977-1980, Steve produced 540 half-hour, multi-camera episodes of multiple series, which appeared on first run syndication and early cable TV. He directed over 350 of these shows.

Steve has distilled his experience of 30 years and over 700 shows as an independent Hollywood producer into one book—So You Wanna Be a Producer? This is the official guide for anyone who wants to survive show business, with over 130 essays on what you need to know to be a successful independent producer. Used by film schools worldwide, So You Wanna Be a Producer, is an unorthodox textbook and a glimpse into one of the most fascinating of callings.

“…filled with experiences and insights that you have to learn from the experts that are rarely shared with the general public.”–Tony Krantz, Producer, 24, Dracula, Mulholland Drive, Felicity, Sports Night

“30 year showbiz vet Ecclesine hits the mark in this candid, informative, and witty look at what life and a career are like for the people who do the heavy lifting in Hollywood.”—Kevin Fortson, Warner Horizon TV Production Exec

“Very insightful, delightful and frightful!”–Ken Shapiro, Producer, Golden Globes, Dick Clark Productions


Thomas N. Ellsworth - Publishing/Mobile CEO, Entrepreneur and Author

TomCurrently Ellsworth is CEO of Premier Digital Publishing, a leading publisher and online eBook retailer. The company is led by a team of digital media pioneers and ranks among the top innovators in the changing publishing landscape.

Prior to PDP, Ellsworth was CEO of GoTV Networks, the industry’s largest mobile media network. GoTV was the go-to partner for brands, agencies and media owners including the NFL, NASCAR and UNIVISION.

Before joining GoTV, Ellsworth served as Executive Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development at JAMDAT Mobile. Inc. (NASDAQ: JMDT), the largest global wireless games publisher in the world. He was a core member of senior management team that drove the March 2001 start-up to its highly successful IPO in 2004 (later acquired by Electronic Arts).

Prior to JAMDAT he was Vice President of Incubator Development and Sr. Director of Business Development in the wireless division of Sprint. Ellsworth oversaw the Sprint incubator joint venture that invested in wireless companies including JAMDAT and Boingo.

Ellsworth is also an adjunct professor and mentor to MBA students at the Crowell School of Business at BIOLA University. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration; Marketing from California State University, Northridge and an MBA from Pepperdine University.


Jessica Cameron - Scream Queen

184524_540228669322314_1886904920_nActress Jessica Cameron was born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada and moved to Toronto to study fashion at Ryerson University. After finishing her degree, she moved to Ohio to work as a fashion designer, though after taking an acting class, Cameron decided to change her career path.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, Cameron has been cast in more than fifty projects including music videos, TV shows and feature films. In 2010, she won an industry “Rising Movie Star” award. Some of her recent performances include playing Princess Areola in the film Potpourri directed by Elliot Diviney and a role in the feature Mr. Hush, in which she starred alongside horror icon Steven Geoffreys. She worked with legendary director Jim Wynorski on the Syfy channel film Camel Spiders and with established horror director Jeff Burr on Resurrection. Cameron also played screen legend Marilyn Monroe in The Black Dahlia Haunting.

Cameron has also starred in four web-series including the sci-fi, film noir Aidan 5 which was nominated for numerous awards, including a win for Best Web Series at Gen Con 2012. She played New Age hair dresser Summer Perkins in the comedy series 2 Doors Down; the tough-as-nails Naria Dixon in the action-packed series Caught! and a horrible mother in the horror series Funny Man. In 2011, Cameron ventured into the world of comic book modeling with her appearances in Brian Shirley’s Crocaloctopus and Dennis Willman’s Ginger-Stein. In 2012, she was featured in Dennis Willman’s comic book series The Vengeance of Sleepy Hollow, as well as many more film and TV projects including a role in director Steven C. Miller’s fan-favorite, horror feature Silent Night.

Serita Stevens -- Award winning Author and Screenwriter

Serita picBorn in Chicago, Serita, a registered nurse, relocated to Los Angeles when offered a teaching job at USC. With her Master’s in writing (with honors) from Antioch University in London, England, she went on to become well known in the romance and mystery fields.

Her first published book, a historical romance from Pocket Books, was her introduction to film when she was asked if she could write a treatment of the book for possible adaptation. Serita’s book, Cagney and Lacey, is the prequel for the successful TV series.

Serita has also written two non-fiction books. The Book of Poisons is a how-to guide that teaches writers the art of killing off their victims correctly, and The Forensic Nurse shows how nurses help law enforcement solve crimes. The later book was optioned by Fox TV as a TV drama.

Her publishers include Pocket Books, Fawcett, Zebra, Leisure, St Martin’s Press, Writer’s Digest, Oak Tree Press, Hard Shell, and Intrigue Press among others. In all, Serita has had more than 32 books and short stories published.

She has written multiple award-winning scripts including Dragon’s Seed (a psychological horror written with director Sean McNamara). Her other credits include projects with Larry Levinson, Hallmark and Warner Home Video. Serita has written spec TV pilots and worked on realty shows for rapper DMC and for Christy Buss.

She is an active member of Women In Film (WIF), the Caucus, and Alameda Writer’s Group (AWG.) She has taught writing at USC, UCLA, Loyola, Santa Monica City College and currently teaches and mentors at AWG. She participated in the “Inside Out Writers Program” where writers teach incarcerated gang members.

She is now working on several feature scripts as well as co-authoring an upcoming novel with Jonathan Ryan and Sean McNamara, Mark of the Dragon, of which Brookwell/McNamara has acquired the film rights for.

She mentors and teaches writing to independent students and does adaptations, both from her own material and others. She has recently been chosen as a judge for the SET awards – honoring films and shows with scientific correctness.


Jonathan Ryan -- Author of 3 Gates of the Dead

“Jonathan brings a combination of religion, suspense, and romance in a way that could be compared to authors such as John Grisham, combined with extraordinary C.S. Lewis for prose. His writing style is beyond expectations.”

-TIME Magazine, Reviewer

Jonathan Ryan is a novelist, columnist, blogger and theologian. He has earned rave reviews from the Library Journal, Midwest Review of Books and a TIME Magazine journalist. He grew up poor in Indian

a and spent two weeks every summer with his grandmother, who allowed him to check out library books on Bigfoot, the Mothman and ghost stories. He explored all the dark and spooky places of the Midwest, including the mysterious mounds that dot the landscape there, developing a love for the weird, scary and strange. Jonathan’s adventurous spirit has led him to live in many states and travel the world. He has given much of himself in an effort to help others, many times at his own risk. He was mistaken for a member of the IRA while encouraging dialogue in Belfast between Protestants and Catholics before the Truce. He has worked among the Navajo and Tohono O’odham nations as well as brought together a group of atheists and Christians to contribute to relief efforts in Biloxi and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Jonathan has spoken to thousands of people on writing and religion. His writing credits include The Huffington Post, Christianity Today, The High Calling, TAPS ParaMagazine, Intrepid Magazine and the renowned interfaith blog site,

The first installment of Jonathan Ryan’s horror mystery series, 3 GATES OF THE DEAD, will be released everywhere books are sold October 2013.

Italia Gandolfo - Founder/CEO of Gandolfo-Helin Literary Management

profile pic

Founder of GH Literary, Italia Gandolfo has over 20 years’ experience in media between a “big four” Hollywood Talent & Literary Agency, Publishing, PR/Advertising and Film in Los Angeles and New York.

She began her career in the entertainment industry at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) during the tenure of Founder/CEO, Michael Ovitz. She researched classified projects while coordinating and assembling development information (domestic and foreign) for talent agents, writers, directors, producers, actors etc., and was in charge of the agency’s library of confidential screenplays and manuscripts. Currently, Gandolfo is a consultant and business manager for authors and publishers and is the Director of Business Development for Los Angeles based, multi-media company, Meteor 17.

gh-literary-logo (2)


*Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to enter, and submissions must be received on or before 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, December 30, 2013.




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